Design, Signs & Custom Art

Luma CNC routers are perfect for creating signs and carvings. No matter what the material, we have a Luma CNC router that fits your sign making and carving needs. Use our CNC routers’ wide range of options to help with your project including vision recognition systems, ADA signage capabilities, tangential knife systems, or multiple tool capabilities. Our CNC routers bring the ability to design a very simple 2D project or a much more complex 3D sign or carving. With the Luma CNC router you can use existing files and photographs, or you can create your own design from scratch with our simple but powerful controls. Whether you are looking for a “rustic” look or full-production finish, Luma has the capabilities to deliver the result you want. Our systems have raised the bar on the average CNC router by giving shops and manufacturers the ability to produce better signs and carvings for less.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

When you are ready to make your business dreams a reality, it begins with contacting an industry expert to help you begin the process. The idea here is to flush out the idea as much as possible and assess if it is worth pursuing. To some degree, this is always done by an product our design and development company unless they already have an idea.