Scanning, Digitizing & 3D Modeling

Prototyping and 3D modeling are essential parts of the production process. To see the true possibilities of your concept, each model and prototype needs to be perfect. That’s why Luma CNC routers have everything you need to create your next breakthrough product’s prototypes and 3D models. Luma CNC routers are found in some of the most prestigious prototyping and 3D modeling facilities in the world. Some of the products we use everyday were developed and prototyped on Luma machines. Our systems allow you to scan, copy, engineer, and reverse engineer components so you can create the most innovative products. The added precision, dependability, and low operating costs of a Luma router allow you to prototype and 3D model even the most advanced products.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

When you are ready to make your business dreams a reality, it begins with contacting an industry expert to help you begin the process. The idea here is to flush out the idea as much as possible and assess if it is worth pursuing. To some degree, this is always done by an product our design and development company unless they already have an idea.